Vaccine Consent Form

A vaccine consent form is a document used by medical institutions to get a patient's consent for a vaccine. This consent form may be required in some countries, states, or institutions. Start using the vaccine consent form template today if you want to prepare it for your health institution free of charge.

Vaccine Consent Form


What is a vaccine consent form?

A vaccine consent form is a type of document to obtain consent from patients or parents for those under the age of 18 before a vaccination procedure. It could be a flu, coronavirus, hepatitis, or chickenpox vaccine. Detailed information can be found under the vaccine consent form.

Questions and form fields can be changed according to which vaccine will be administrated. After you open the vaccine consent form template above, you can edit the form fields from the edit section.

How to build a vaccine consent form?

If you have come to build a vaccine consent form for a healthcare center or institution, you are at the right place. is a free online form builder to create a consent form in less than a minute with premade templates. If you follow the steps below, you can create a vaccine consent form without any problems:

  1. Click on "use template" above to open the free form sample or start from scratch
  2. Edit your form on the first page you will see, add a title, and give information about the consent form and your institution
  3. Design your form; healthcare institutions often choose a simple form design
  4. Share your form directly with a link or embed it on a website from the Share page

Why use a vaccine consent form?

In the digitalizing world, relations with health care providers have also become digital. Therefore, healthcare organizations should use one of the free online form creation tools such as Some of the good things about online forms are that sharing your form with your patients and storing their feedback as data will be effortless. Vaccine consent forms will generally give you the following benefits:

  • No more paper costs because it is an online document; physical documents are outdated nowadays.
  • With the ease of e-signature, your patients can fill out the form without contacting you directly.
  • You will give your patients a faster response because all the data is stored neatly, and you can reach them with just a click.
  • You can learn your patient's health status, medical history, contact information, and personal information and decide whether or not to be vaccinated accordingly. Then you can reach them with the provided contact information.
  • It reduces the workload of the staff working in health institutions. When patients go to the hospital for treatment, procedures are handled quickly as patients will be having filled out the documents that need to be approved online.

How to design your vaccine consent form?

When you open the template you have created in, you will see the place where it says "design" above. You can choose between a step view and a list view and choose themes you like. Health care organizations usually use white and gray colors to comfort patients and show seriousness.

The vaccine consent form template has a simple design like other consent forms. But with the customization options that offers you, you can choose the color of the questions, answers, and background as you wish. You can also set the border shape, background image, and font.

How to share your vaccine consent form?

If you can't share a form you have created online, there is no point in editing and sharing it. So make sure you're on a form site like that offers online sharing. You will see the Share page next to the calculator at the top right of the edit page that opens after creating the template or after start from scratch.

  • There you can “copy link” to share with your patients or colleagues
  • You can choose privacy settings whether it will be public, limited or private; Its normal setting is unlisted
  • You can share it on a social media
  • You can embed your form as iFrame into a website
  • You can create a QR Code to share it

What happens if the patient is less than 18 years old?

If a child is to be vaccinated, this vaccine consent form should be completed by the parent or legal representative. In the absence of a parent or legal representative, there may be a statement that this document will be delivered to them later. But both may or may not apply depending on the state medical consent law.

How does the consent form procedure work?

A health institution creates an online consent form on an online form builder such as This form warns the patient about the possible risks before administering any vaccine to a patient. Then the health institution will share the vaccine consent form with its patient. The patient reads all information and fills out all required form fields to give consent. 

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