How to create professional job application forms to hire the best talents

Sep 28, 2022 6 min read
How to create professional job application forms to hire the best talents

Hilal Kara

For employers, the hiring process can be challenging and time-consuming. A new employee means innovation for your business. And the people you hire are important to your company. Working with talented and open-minded candidates will have a positive impact. But you need to discover these abilities. You should evaluate the qualifications of job candidates and evaluate whether they are suitable for the position.

The job application forms are the tool that makes the hiring process easier. These forms may be easily created with makes creating an online application form for your company simple, fast, and efficient. At the end of this article, you will learn about online job application forms, the benefits it provides to you and your company, how to create a job application form, how to embed it on your website, and tips for creating a professional form.

Job application forms vs. traditional hiring methods

All over the world, traditional recruitment methods continue to be used by employers. The term "traditional recruitment process and selection" is frequently used to refer to the selection and application procedure for positions that require traditional paper applications and resumes. Large businesses and organizations that have the time, space, and staff to conduct traditional hiring and selection practices frequently employ this technique of form for job application. Let's take a look at traditional hiring methods.

Traditional hiring methods:

Although traditional hiring practices have been effective for a while, a new technological era is quickly developing. The use of traditional recruiting methods is declining because they are too expensive and time-consuming for the modern workplace. Traditional recruitment methods are searched by human resources. Unlike this, the power of technology is used in the modern recruitment methods.

1  - Internal hiring

Internal hiring takes place when organizations source and hire existing employees for open roles. Also known as internal recruitment, this process might involve promotions, lateral shifts into other responsibilities, and team transfers. You may be confident that a candidate's work style and organizational values are compatible with yours when current employees have already demonstrated that they suit your culture. So that you can advance to the following interview stage.

2  - Local employment office

The use of recruitment strategies based on job postings has become widespread in unemployment offices where you can find all kinds of workers and job seekers. In order to connect businesses and job seekers with employers looking for employees, the Local Employment Office program offers complete recruiting, job search, and related services. If you post your job at the local employment office, a lot of people will read about your job and apply.

3  - Newspapers

The best way to publicize new positions is through local newspaper adverts. One could argue that this is both the simplest and most successful method of hiring. But doing this digitally can be effective, as newspapers are no longer widely read.

4  - Temp agencies

Temp agencies are temporary employment agencies that can quickly narrow the pool of potential employees for your business and find experienced professionals in your industry. A staffing firm serves as a liaison between employers and job seekers, assisting in the matching of qualified applicants with organizations that have openings. Working with a staffing agency might help you save time if your firm requires more workers.

Why should you choose job application forms over traditional hiring methods?

It may be said that hiring new employees is the most crucial task your business should perform. In order to identify the top applicants for their organizations, HR managers throughout the nation have tried a variety of recruitment techniques because finding new talent in the market is so challenging. 

The use of the above traditional recruitment methods has decreased with the convenience of digitalization. With job application forms, which is one of the modern recruitment techniques you can use, you will be able to automatically perform elimination and scoring and even save time.

A job application form sample

A job application form sample

How to create a job application form online

An online job application form is a type of form that an applicant can fill out and apply for a job. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right candidate among thousands of applications for job application forms. In addition to creating a simple job application form in, you can also design it to reflect your corporate identity with various customizations. In this way, finding the right candidate and collecting the right information will facilitate your recruitment process. 

With general job application forms, you can create simple forms smoothly, easily and without coding. Want to create a free job application form but don't know where to start? Let's see together how we can create an online job application form in simple steps.

  • Step 1: Login to your account.
  • Step 2: With the form builder, you can create a form from scratch. Or, if you wish, you can choose the template you want from the ready-made job application form samples.
  • Step 3: If you are going to create a form from scratch, set up the fields and questions to add. (These include full name, contact information, what position they are applying for, phone number, file upload area for cv, fields for a cover letter, etc.) 
  • Step 4: Design your form as you wish. Customize as you wish in the 'Design' tab. Use the themes and colors you want in this area. 
  • Step 5:  Use conditional logic and calculator features. Here you can only show the relevant question according to the answer given in the 'conditional logic' tab. 
  • Step 6: Edit the settings. Your form is now ready. In the 'Settings' tab, you can adjust notification settings, 'Welcome page' and 'Thanks page' and integration options. 
  • Step 7: Save it as the last step and click the share button. Now your form is ready, if you want, you can create a personalized link or add your form to your site.
Creating your own form for collecting job applications

Creating your own form for collecting job applications

Can I embed a form on my website?

Yes. Placing a form created by on your website or linking it wherever you want will save you many applications. If you want to embed your form on your website, you can easily copy the embed code from the "Share" tab and paste it into the HTML of the desired part of your website. Embedding your form will make the hiring process much easier for applicants and allows you to gather more submissions.

Embedding your application form on a web page

Embedding your application form on a web page

Expert tips for creating professional forms for hiring

You may be wondering how to make your job applications look their very best. After all, you want to show off your skills and impress the hiring manager, right? After all, you want to make a good first impression! Here are a few tips for making your forms look professional. 

  • First, make sure a form is well-designed to look professional.
  • Make sure your form is easy to read, and the questions are clearly arranged.
  • When including fields in the form, keep your target audience in mind.
  • Use clear and concise language. Also, make sure you use correct grammar and punctuation.
  • You can add a logo or image to your form to make it more visually appealing.
  • Your form must be mobile-friendly.
  • Show only the questions to the relevant person according to the answers on your form. This will make your form shorter and clearer.

Good form design is important to keep your form looking professional. Creating a professional form can be easy if you use the right tools. offers a wide variety of templates that you can use to create a professional-looking form. You can customize the templates to fit your brand or style, as we mentioned above. Considering the points mentioned above, you can create professional job application forms right now.


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