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Video Request Form

If you have a video project in mind and want to receive production requests from creators or artists, our video request form template might be for you! A video request form will make this process more manageable and time efficient and leave you with many options. Also, our template will allow you to be creative with your form, attracting more requests.

Video Request Form


What is a video request form?

An online video request form is a request from which you can state your needs and expectations for a video project you wish to start. Such a form should always include the aims and target audience of the video. It is also essential to inform potential creators about your project's content and style requirements. 

Make your form remarkable

Set your form in a manner where it attracts more creators to work for your project. Customization will allow you to do your part as the project owner; hence, take the opportunity to make your form welcome the creators and understand the assignment.

A quote, also known as a price quote, is a price offer given at a fixed rate to customers by vendors, agencies, or sellers. Before customers order a product or service, they often get in touch with the business to request a quote.

To make a quote form for your business, you will need a form builder application. Here on, you will have all the features you need to create your free form and collect data in real time. After sign-in to your account, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Open one of the quote form templates or create a blank form.
  2. Add your questions and options for your potential customers.
  3. Use Calculator to assign points to answers.
  4. Add terms and conditions for your service/product, price quotation, and payment terms.
  5. Make customizations that will represent your business.
  6. Share or embed your form with your audience.

Yes, you can assign points to some answers and show a price quote at the end of your forms by using the calculator feature of Giving quotes automatically will help you save time and have a simpler workflow in minutes. Here are the steps you should follow to show quotes automatically:

  1. Head over to the Calculator tab after adding your form content.
  2. Select answers and enter points to each of them (leave blank if it won’t affect the price).
  3. Open Calculator settings and click on “Show calculation result.”
  4. Optionally, you can create customized thank-you page messages for your customers.
  5. Now you can give fixed price offers for your goods or services.

From graphic designers to translators, any freelancer or business can use quotation forms to give price estimates or standard prices to their customers. By offering a service quote form, businesses can gather details, such as contact information and job requests. Plus, online quotes are effective and efficient for both buyers and sellers, as they automate the process and make it easier overall.