Room Rental Agreement Form Template

If you have a real estate or hotel business, using online forms will definitely help you improve your work. Simply open this free rental agreement form template on and customize your form. This will provide people with a better and easier way for rental agreements. Create your room rental agreement form now, for free!

Room Rental Agreement Form Template


Advantages of using an online room rental form

Whether you want to create a room rental agreement form for yourself or for your company, it comes with many opportunities. For example, travelers now will be able to rent a room and sign the room rental agreement from their home or on the road. Using an online form will immediately reduce the paperwork and give you free time to do whatever you want.

  • For hostel owners and companies: Online forms mean more opportunities to contact customers. Once you have opened this free room rental agreement form and customized it for your business, you can easily share it online. This brings you new marketing opportunities and thus new customers. Start the exponential growth of your company now!
  • For individuals: Room rental agreement forms may help the landowners set boundaries beforehand. It also has a function to inform the renters about house rules or some details, such as quiet hours. A roommate agreement or rental lease agreement provides a legal guarantee for both landlords and tenants. According to your house/building you can customize the room rental agreement form for daily, weekly or monthly rent.

Easily get rental applications with a room rental agreement form

As it is a general form sample, this room rental agreement form template may serve various purposes. If you are the property owner and don’t have to review the applications, for example, it is even possible to allow people to pay rent via an online room rental agreement form. In order to make the process easier, you can offer PayPal, Stipe, or credit/debit card payments. 

However, sometimes you may want to conduct a background check before renting your place. For these cases, you may collect contact information and get back to the applicant after reviewing their details. To be able to do this, you should add some questions before the terms and conditions. And it is important to make some of the questions required for submissions. Aside from these, you can use a room rental agreement form after meeting the tenant.

Set the rules and inform the tenants

When accepting roommates or generally renting your rooms to strangers, you have to make sure that they are following the rules. Hence, it becomes important that you inform them at the beginning. Thanks to this room rental agreement form template, this will be quite an easy process. Not only you will be able to edit the terms and conditions, but you will also have a chance to upload some photos/videos of the rooms for more clarity. 

If you have more than one room, you can even add them for selection. Then you can proceed to adjust your text for “the selected room in the field above”. In addition, it is possible to add options for lease durations and payments, such as month to month or week to week. In the house rules section, your clients will probably want to know about:

  • Which parts of the house will be shared
  • If someone else will be staying with them
  • Who will pay the utility bills
  • If they have to do house chores
  • If they will be provided with food

Customize your room rental agreement form with no effort

In order to reduce the form generation time, offers you expertly designed booking form samples. This allows you to start using your form by only editing the rental terms according to the state or country you live in. Once you have opened the room rental agreement form template on, you will have all the standard sections for a residential lease agreement.

If you want to add different fields, however, you can easily do so on the editing panel. There, you will be able to add your questions, information texts, or photos of the rooms. By adding some conditions, you can show or hide some sections according to the customer selections. Moreover, you can provide a certain number for rent payments with the calculator feature. All you have to do is assign scores for rooms or services, and give your customer a price for the rental.

Make an awesome-looking room rental agreement form in seconds

As well as fine editing options, provides designing features for a faster and easier form creation process. In fact, you can even create a stunning room rental agreement form instantly by selecting one of the form themes. And the best part is that this is all free of charge. 

After opening this room rental agreement form template and creating your custom form, simply share it with your customers in various ways. For example, you can send it via email and WhatsApp, post it on social media, or embed it into your website. The expertly designed room rental agreement form template will provide you with a great base and make your job more autonomous and easier.

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