Data Protection Form

Data protection is one of the issues that businesses need to focus on firmly. You need a data protection form for this. With the free form builder, you can easily create your form in less than a minute. Start creating your data protection form using this template!

Data Protection Form


What is a data protection form?

A data protection form is an online consent agreement between the company and the customer, in which it is decided whether personal information can be shared or not. Customers or users can demand that companies shouldn’t use or sell their data. And the company that receives this form must delete the person's data due to legal obligations.

Data protection form is a legal form used to protect the privacy and rights of individuals. This form may vary in the arrangement according to the data protection laws of your country. It should also be prepared in accordance with the European Union's general data protection regulation (GDPR). This request form can be used for collecting information for preparing a custom data-processing agreement (DPA) with your clients.

How to create a data protection form on

Whether you own a large or small business, you need to care about data protection. So create a data protection form yourself with the help of and share it on your website. If you are wondering how to create your form, you can do it quickly by following these steps:

  1. Firstly, you should have a account to be able to share your form
  2. Use this template to open your form
  3. Edit and design your form
  4. Adjust the settings
  5. Share your form

How can I share my form on my webpage?

There are two main ways to share your form on your website. One of them is using HTML and the other is embedding it as iFrame. When you sign into your account you will be automatically directed to your forms page, then choose your form and click on the share button. You can copy the link and paste it onto your website or choose the embed as iFrame button on the bottom left and copy and paste it onto your website.

A report form is a general name for a document used to gather reposts about events, accidents, misbehaviors, spam, and other topics. The document generally has form fields for collecting contact information and report details from the reporting person.

Whether it is for incident reports, medical reports, or abuse reports, you can create an online form by using a form creator tool, like provides you free form templates, an intuitive experience, and advanced features, such as conditional logic and third-party integrations. If you are interested in creating an online form for gathering reports, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Sign into an online form builder site, like here
  2. Open one of the report form templates or start with a blank page
  3. Add questions for collecting event details
  4. Make sure to ask for the name and email address of the reporting person to follow up
  5. Customize your form design
  6. Place your form link in a visible place or embed it on your web page

As a powerful form maker, helps you create your own forms faster with its vast library of form templates. In addition to online order forms, registration forms, request forms, and many more, you can find many useful form samples for collecting reports. 

Having an online form will help you gather data in an organized way and in real-time, so you can act on the information you get and solve any problems in a short time. Find a suitable form template for your organization, business, or community and start creating your custom form with!