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有关如何使用 并充分利用它的现场指南。's Pricing

As well as being a totally free form builder, also has some paid plans using which you can do much more than a free account can do like collecting many more responses, etc. 💳

What are the upgrade options? offers a free plan that you can use for a lifetime. Along with that, we have 3 different paid plans that are specifically designed for your needs. These are 

Basic plan

The Basic package is more like a price/performance plan that allows you to collect more responses, get more form views, and remove branding from the front-end of your forms.

Pro plan

The Pro plan has more to offer such as unlimited forms and form views, the ability to collect 10,000 responses/month, and much more.

Premium plan

The Premium plan is more for large companies who may be in need of collecting too many responses a month. It offers 100,000 form responses/month, unlimited payment collection, and much more!

For more information on’s pricing, please visit Pricing Page Here.

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