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有关如何使用 并充分利用它的现场指南。

Grid Field

Two or multiple birds with one stone! That is what really the Grid feature gets you on If your question requires more than one type of data, you can simply use the grid to collect them separately. It is also perfect for stock inspections, checklists, and reports 📋

What is a grid field?

A grid is a form field type where you can create two or more columns for your questions. With this setup, the visitors can enter the data separately. That is not all, however. You can even choose different data types such as text, number, and date for these columns.

What does a grid have to offer?

The grid field is one of the best choices for many purposes, especially for stocktaking. Once you add the field to your form, you will have several options. You can, for instance:

  • Increase or decrease the number of columns in your question
  • Choose a name and data type for them
  • Make a column required for submission
  • Insert an image or video
  • If you have any column for collecting numbers, show the column total
  • Arrange them by clicking on the up or down arrow on the side panel

In addition to getting the data together, you can collect them by adding other field types to your form or survey.