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Yes / No

A Yes / No question is a type of “closed question” and only has the options of “Yes” and “No.” If you plan to ask questions and give your respondents only two options and nothing more, adding a Yes / No question is the way.

How to add a Yes / No field to your form

Adding a Yes/No question to your form or survey has many advantages and is quite simple. All you have to do is follow the steps below, and you can add as many Yes/No questions to your forms as you want:

1  - Click on the plus button and find Yes/No questions on the sidebar:

* * *

2  - Click on it and edit its properties, such as question title & answers:

That is all! Now you know how to use Yes/No questions for creating the right form for your audience. To learn more about selection fields, you can visit our article about choice questions here.