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What is conditional logic?

Conditional logic is a form feature that helps you create complex forms by setting conditions to show or hide some fields.

In layman’s terms, the conditional logic feature allows you to add “if”s to your questions. With conditional logic, you can set conditions that will show or hide certain fields based on the respondent's answers. 

Conditional logic is a great way to create complex forms without making them too long or difficult to fill out. For example, if you have a question about whether the respondent is a student, you can use conditional logic to show different questions depending on the answer

  • If the respondent is a student, you might show questions about their field of study and what year they are in. 
  • If the respondent is not a student, you might show questions about their profession and how many years they have been working. 

By using conditional logic, you can make your forms more targeted and relevant to the respondent, which can lead to better data quality.

To learn more about conditional logic and how to use it when creating your online form, simply visit the next article where we will be covering how to set conditions for your questions.