4 great reasons to use an online ordering system for your restaurant

Feb 14, 2022 5 min read
4 great reasons to use an online ordering system for your restaurant

Defne Çobanoğlu

If you want to sell your cupcakes, meals, or jewelry,’s free online order form creator is a tremendous help. An online free order form is a great way to gather information, and it also helps your customers reach out to you quickly. 

Creating an eCommerce platform that helps sell online will surely benefit you. When you make the perfect ordering system, your business will thrive. To learn about how to create an online order form check out’s blog today. Now, let’s get right into it and see how you can collect online orders with!

Ordering food delivery

Ordering food delivery

How can an ordering system help you grow your business? 

Going to a physical store and planning what you want to buy could be difficult for some. And, some people may not have time to spare for visiting your store. So, when you have an online platform where you show your products, the customers can easily add what they want to their shopping carts and finish their orders. 

If you want to know about 7 tips to consider when creating your web form, check out In addition to these points, to achieve better results, here are four reasons why you should use an online ordering system:

1 - Helps people reach you

When you use one of the free order form templates and customize it with your products, your clients do not have to take time to come to your store. With a device that has an internet connection, accessing a food order form and placing an order is easier than ever. Furthermore, it is possible for clients to choose whether they want their order sent to their address or have it grab-and-go.

2 - Great for order accuracy

Collecting orders is very simple, thanks to online forms. And it also helps with order accuracy as orders taken on the phone may have some mistakes. When the order comes up with an error, customers will be unsatisfied. But when the customers type in their order and customize their wishes, serving them exactly what they want will be no trouble.

3 - Makes choosing easy

When you make an order form with, you have access to multiple unique features that other online store builders may not have. One of the features is creating a product basket. A product basket allows you to upload your product images, add stock information, and detailed pricing on products. When they can see the products and prices before them, making a finalized choice will be easier.

4 - Lets you collect payments offers a number of safe payment gateways, such as Stripe and Paypal. Thanks to these gateways managing an online business and selling products will be effortless. When you do not have to mind about getting paid, you will be more relaxed. 

Benefits of using an online order form is an online form builder that presents free trials. And it has numerous benefits. You may know how to create an order form. However, remembering these benefits to focus on your customers will help you even more when managing a restaurant.

Product basket

When you want to visualize and categorize your products, a product basket is the best way. You can add ‘cakes’ category for them to choose from, then add different types of cake to show them. The customers may even order something they did not have in mind!

Setting units and stock limits

When you categorize and show your products, you can choose to show them in order. You can set the units of measurements such as grams, kilograms, packs, servings, etc. Further, setting stock limits helps planning. When a product is out of stock, the form shows that, and it leaves no room for confusion.

Creating email database

Using an online order form will create an opportunity to collect customer emails. With customers' orders, you also obtain their contact information. You can collect their email and use as a marketing tool for later when you want to inform them that you launched a new product.

Being notified

When a new order is submitted, your business gets notified. That way, you do not have to stress about missing any. In addition, as you get notified about the order, the client may also get an e-mail or a thank-you page about the order received. 

A happy restaurant owner

A happy restaurant owner

Order form types for restaurants

When you own a business, using an order form is a great help in so many ways. The forms are easy to build and effortless to share. You can embed them on your website or share them as email marketing. It is also equally effective to use various platforms. For example, checking out selling on instagram with an order form could give you the answer you need. Lastly, here are some order form examples for you to check out:

Start gathering online orders today

There is no doubt that having an online form for your business will help you gain customers and save time. There are many templates to choose from according to your business. As we mentioned, you can choose a bakery order form, or a cake order form for your pastry business. And, as long as you have the order and the details, all you need to do is make the freshest goods.


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