History Trivia Quiz

Creating free online history trivia is a simple job. With forms.app, you will be able to create a trivia quiz in less than a minute. Use this history trivia template to start creating your quiz today; no coding knowledge is required.

What is history trivia?

History trivia is a type of quiz that generally focuses on world history and national history. Compared to other trivia topics, the history quiz is one of the most loved quizzes by people. You can easily create an online history trivia on forms.app and share it with your friends, followers, or audience.

How can I create a history trivia?

You can create your personal trivia very quickly with the online quiz maker forms.app. It's easy to create it and doesn't take your time. Have your own history trivia by following the steps below:

  1. Sign in or sign up for forms.app
  2. Open the free history trivia template or start from scratch
  3. The first page you see will be the Edit page; there, you can add or delete questions
  4. Then design your trivia; you can add a background with a historical theme
  5. Customize your settings; welcome page and thank you page messages are the key role in a fun history trivia. For example, on the welcome page, you can describe and explain what this trivia is about and how the participant will solve the questions.
  6. Add conditions. Conditions can be used to add questions that end the test if done incorrectly.
  7. Use the calculator feature. You can give points to answers and show the final score at the end of the trivia. And there, you can also set a range of scores to change thank you page messages for each range.
  8. Preview your form by clicking on the eye icon. It will show how your trivia will be seen on desktop, mobile, or tablet.
  9. Share your form on the last page. You can directly copy the link to share, choose any social media, or send it via e-mail. Or, if you have a website, you can embed it as iFrame on your website.

How to make a better history trivia

When the topics and questions of history trivia are usually related to the history of your own country, participants are naturally more likely to answer the questions correctly. For example, if you are a citizen of the United States, then the civil war or Vietnam war can be a good topic for your history trivia, and the questions about important figures like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, or John F Kennedy will be easier to answer for your participants. So, consider the following tips to make your history trivia better:

  • Determine your target audience: What are their ages? Age is an important factor when preparing your trivia because young people don't know as much history as adults. And you should also determine what your target audience knows about history to prepare good questions for them.
  • Determine the topic: History trivia generally includes questions about world history, but it can be narrowed down to a specific country, era, continent, etc.
  • Analyze and compare other history trivia examples: The more examples of History trivia you see, the more experience you will have. That way, you can learn from what you see when making your own.
  • Improve yourself: Although it may seem easy to prepare history trivia, it is actually a process that measures the knowledge of the preparer. The more you improve yourself in the field of history, the more likely you are to ask different and good questions.
  • Randomly select the positions of the answers: It may seem strange, but an important part of the trivia business is to randomize the position of the correct answers. Thus, those who solve the trivia will not find a pattern between the answers.
  • False choices should be as distracting as the correct ones: Writing the wrong answers related to the correct answer can often leave the participants in a dilemma.

Why should you prepare online history trivia?

There are many reasons to prepare online history trivia. It is fun and educational. It can appeal to all ages according to the ease and difficulty of the questions. Everyone loves to do it as it is a decent brain training method. Apart from these, you can see why you should create history trivia in the following points:

  • It helps you learn new words and concepts and expands your knowledge.
  • Even if you fail to acquire a good score, it is not dull and motivates you to study more.
  • It can help you with your history lessons or exams to remember important details.
  • If it is done like a competition, it will be more enjoyable with the excitement of the competition.
  • When you see the results you can understand which topic you lack in history.

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