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Why forms.app is the best Typeform alternative?

Quick Comparison of forms.app and Typeform

First of all forms.app is much easier to use. Thanks to its intuitive user interface you don’t need help to start using form.app.

Unlike Typeform all features of forms.app are included in free package. 100 submissions limit of Typeform lets you only to have an idea about how Typeform works. However, you can use forms.app free of charge forever with its 5.000 submissions limit which will be freed when you delete old records.

Moreover, Typeform does not have some features such as Product Basket, Heat Map, Geo Location Restriction, Custom CSS, Friendly URL which are available in free package of forms.app.

Compare features of forms.app and Typeform

Minimum price/year100 USD
360 USD
Free Package includes all features

Free package features

Exporting results to CSV
Custom fonts
Custom colors
Custom CSS
Insert Images & Videos
QR code generator
Google Ads Conversion
Facebook Conversion
Publish Day Settings
Unpublish Day Settings
Collecting Payment
Step view
Image Upload
File Upload
Frendly URL
Quota Settings
Heat Map
Geolocation Restriction

How can forms.app be free ?

forms.app uses the latest technologies to minimize the cost
and maximize the performance.

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Key Features

Ease of use


Typeform basically has an easy-to-use interface. However, in some parts, its user-interface might be a little bit compelling to get used to for new users.


forms.app’s user interface is a lot easier to get accustomed to.

You can select answer format of a field that you want to add to your form and adjust its settings easily.



Forms of Typeform can be customized using the “Design” options. The options offer various pre-designed themes that you can use for your form if you are hesitant about your form’s colors.


forms.app provides customization tools for all types of users.

Themes let you build beautiful forms quickly. On the other hand professionals such as advertising agencies or web masters can use Custom CSS.



Free package of Typeform has a limit of 100 submissions per month and it does not include all features.

Minimum annual cost of a paid package is 360 USD which does not include some features such as No Branding.


Free package of forms.app includes all features and has a limit of 5.000 submissions.

Minimum annual cost of a paid package which provides No Branding option is 50 USD.

Logic Jump - Conditions


It is possible to hide some questions according to the answer given to a question. Typeform calls it logic jump.


forms.app lets you show / hide some questions according to the answer given to a question, too. It is very easy to set conditions thanks to its intuitive user interface.

Product Basket


Typeform does not have this feature.


Product Basket field of forms.app is so intuitive that you don’t need help to list your products or services on your sales order form. You can put pictures, prices and options such as color, size, etc. in a few minutes. You can categorize them, too. You can even enter stock amounts that will decrease by each sale. So that you can manage stocks easily.

This feature lets you sell online without a website.

Geo Location Restriction


Typeform does not have this feature.


This feature is very useful if you want your form to be filled in by people in a certain area.

For example, if it is a survey form about health services in your city you would not want people in other cities to fill in this form. You can go to Settings / Location Settings and restrict the form to be filled in only 20 km around the city center.

Payment Collection


Typeform supports only payments through Stripe.


forms.app supports some local payment options such as Iyzico and Wirecard as well as some global payment options such as Stripe and PayPal.



Typeform has an ordinary help centre where users can find answers for common questions. For individual support, Typeform offers a standard contact form on the website where you can fill out and contact regarding your issues or requests. Responses generally come within 1 day.

Live Chat: Yes. However, for only Premium plan users.


forms.app, on the other hand, offers a way better support service for its users. On the contrary of Typeform, forms.app offers live chat support which means that problems and requests of the users are responded within minutes during European working hours of a day.

When the users try to contact via live support during times when out of working hours, the system automatically tells the users that they will be contacted tomorrow within working hours on both forms.app and via e-mail registered to forms.app. Your messages are usually responded to within 8 hours.forms.app also offers an automated searching engine for the users where they can find the answer to their questions all by themselves.

Live Chat: Yes