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Pharmacy Complaint Form

If you are a pharmacist and want to collect complaints from dissatisfied customers to perfect your service, use our pharmacy complaint form template to create your personalized form with only a few steps. It is online, easy to use, and fully customizable. No coding skills are required!

Pharmacy Complaint Form


What is an online pharmacy complaint form?

An online pharmacy complaint form is a type of complaint form allowing pharmacists to collect valuable customer experience data. They typically ask for the details of the dissatisfaction regarding the date of the incident, the personnel involved, and the complainant's contact information.

Why need a form to collect complaints?

It is naturally best to offer a standardized service by addressing customer complaints. Dealing with many customers, this task can appear challenging; however, an organized process with a functional form will do most of the job, and all there is to do is review the complaints and seek ways to better customer experience.

Negative feedback from your customer surveys is an effective early warning that you have issues to deal with, and by applying root cause analysis, you can get on the path to improving them and developing a more positive outcome.

Yes, online forms will enable you to gather customer complaints in an organized and easy way. An online complaint form will also help customers to give online feedback at any time they want. Plus, these type of forms makes customer service more effective as they are fully customizable, allow file uploads, and make data collection easier overall.

If you want to create an online form to allow your customers to file a complaint, all you need is a form builder application and a couple of minutes. On, you have access to a library of online complaint form templates to create your forms faster. You can use these form samples as a base and simply customize them to make your form unique and effective for your customers. Here are the steps you should follow to create your form:

  1. Open a free complaint form template on
  2. Add your own questions and edit existing form fields
  3. Customize your form design based on your brand style 
  4. Embed your form on a web page and start collecting customer feedback and complaints