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Conflict Management Questionnaire

Use the conflict management questionnaire to assess your conflict management strategies and identify areas for improvement. This way, you can help individuals or teams to manage conflicts more effectively. Create your questionnaire in professional steps using's free conflict management questionnaire template!

Conflict Management Questionnaire


What is a conflict management questionnaire?

A conflict management questionnaire measures an individual's or group's approach to handling conflicts, the preferred method for resolving conflicts, the level of assertiveness, and the ability to communicate effectively in difficult situations. For managers and team leaders, a conflict management questionnaire can be a useful tool to assess their employees' or team members' conflict management skills and identify areas where support may be needed. 

By encouraging open communication and effective conflict resolution, organizations can reduce the negative effects of conflict on productivity, morale, and team cohesion. Overall, a conflict management survey aims to improve individuals' and teams' ability to handle conflicts in a much better way.

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