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File Upload Field

Collecting files is an essential form feature that will help you with many form types. Whether you plan to create an application form or a request form, you can simply utilize file uploads on Let’s check out how you can and why you should 🔼

What is a file upload field, and what does it have to offer?

A file upload field enables you to collect specific files from your visitors. This file can be a resume, design, report, and so forth. Thanks to’s file upload feature, you can let the respondents upload from their devices. However, there are more options available for file uploads. For example, it is possible to:

  • Make file upload required for form submission
  • Set a limit for the maximum number of files to be uploaded
  • Select specific file types you would like to collect

After adding a file upload field and adjusting its setting, you will be able to collect files for various reasons, such as for hiring process, gathering evidence, or screenshots for support. A file upload field will look like this in your forms:

On, you can also choose to only collect images for your form. Visit the following article to learn more about image uploads.

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