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Intercom Integration

Intercom is a very popular conversation platform that allows instant communication with customers and other site visitors. By integrating your forms with Intercom, you will be able to automatically create contacts and conversations with form responses.

How to create conversations and contacts with form responses

Having your Intercom integration ready is a basic process, and you can complete it within no more than two minutes. Simply follow the steps shown below:

1  - After finishing your form and head over to the “Settings”, then choose “Integrations”;

2  - Click the connect button next to Intercom and log in to your account;

3  - Now it’s time to pair up your form fields with the Intercom properties;

4  - To add new properties for pairing up, click on “Add New Property

5  - If you want to create new contacts on Intercom, make sure to click on the checkbox below.

6  - Simple! Now you can test your integration to see if it works

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