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How to pre-populate your forms

You may have a field that you want to pre-fill or do not let your respondents change, in some of your forms. On, you can easily achieve this by pre-populating your forms by toggling a nifty little option.

1  - Add a field you want to be pre-filled and go to field options:

2  - Enable the “get value from URL” option:

3  - By editing the end or URL, you can show this form field already filled:

4  - Click on “read-only”, if you don’t want your respondents to change this answer:

5  - Optionally, you can make this field hidden from your respondents by clicking on the “Hidden field” option:

That’s it! Whether you are creating a form for a special event, want to learn which source your respondents are coming from, or want a specific person to fill out your form, simply follow the steps above and pre-populate your forms.

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