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Google Calendar Integration

Google Calendar has entered many people’s lives and helped them track and manage their schedules. And now, you can automate this process even further;’s Google Calendar integration allows you to automatically create events based on the responses you collect.

How to integrate your forms with Google Calendar

You want to enable and use the Google Calendar integration? That’s great! With our Google Calendar integration, you can allow your form visitors to add events to one of your calendars. Let’s see how:

1  - Make sure to finish your form and go to the form settings:

2  - Click on “integrations” and find Google Calendar:

3  - Simply click on the “connect” button and sign in to your Google account:

4  - Once you confirm authorization, you can start setting up your integration:

5  - Start by selecting a Calendar and adding a Title for your events:

6  - You can use form fields to have a customized title for each event by clicking on the plus button or typing “@”:

7  - Then, pair up your date field and select a standard duration for events:

8  - You can add a fixed location by typing, or instead choose a relevant form field if you want your respondents to fill out here:

9  - Lastly, you can add a fixed description for events to be added or use form fields as variables to have customized event descriptions: