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Discord Integration

Discord integration allows users to send form responses to a shared discord channel. If you are using Discord as a virtual office, you can easily select which form fields to be sent and view responses in real-time. 

How to enable the Discord integration

With just a few clicks, anyone can integrate their forms with Discord and share the form responses. This will allow you to use online forms and Discord more effectively, as you will not have to switch between applications. Simply follow these steps to integrate your forms with Discord:

1.   Log in to your account and create a custom form by using one of our free templates.

2.   Click on the "Settings" tab and select the "Integrations".

3.   Scroll down and find the "Discord" integration 

4.   Connect to your Discord account and add our smart bot to your server.

5.   Select a channel and form fields you want to see in messages.

That’s it! After you complete these easy steps, you can start getting selected data to a Discord channel.

How to send responses to private channels

Private channels generally includes only you and other members you allow to join. That’s why you have to add bot to your private channel manually if you are planning to send responses to a private channel. 

It is a quite easy process and includes a few simple steps :

1  - If you want to add bot to an existing channel then click on the gear icon next to your channel:

2  - Head over to “Permissions”, then click on the “Add members or roles” button:

3  - Lastly, choose bot as a member and assign it a role. You can also do this when you are creating a new private channel:

Now you will be able to send form responses to any channel you want. If you have any questions or having problems with setting up this integration, always feel free to reach us for assistance.