How to improve class engagement by using online forms?

Jun 17, 2022 4 min read
How to improve class engagement by using online forms?

Salim Dın

Are you looking for a way to improve class engagement? Online forms are here to help! With online forms, teachers can get a better understanding of what their students are thinking and feeling. Knowing their audience will help teachers to create a more engaging classroom environment that is conducive to learning. 

Schools can gather feedback from students about the class material or the teaching style of the instructor. This feedback can then be used to improve the effectiveness of the class. All of these are possible with a survey for schools students. On, you will have access to education form templates and select one to create your form faster and easier.

The benefits of online surveys for students and instructors

The benefits of online surveys for students and instructors are numerous. For students, online surveys can provide a way to express their opinions on the class material or the teaching style of the instructor. Additionally, online surveys and quizzes can help students to better understand the course material by giving them a chance to reflect on what they have learned.

For instructors, online surveys can provide a way to get feedback from students on the class, their teaching styles, and what can be better. This feedback will be valuable to increase the effectiveness of the class. Additionally, online surveys can help instructors better understand what their students are feeling and provide background information about their students. This can help instructors create a more engaging classroom environment, understand what topics or classroom activities are engaging for their students and which ones are not, and react better in some circumstances.

Awesome tips for creating educational surveys

In order to evaluate the quality of education in schools or colleges, you have to track student satisfaction, success in exams, and many other parameters. Tracking these becomes more important if you provide an online learning course since there are limitations for collecting first-hand information. By creating a survey about education, you can get an idea about student learning and what students think of teaching quality, their teachers, and so on. Follow these great tips to collect more accurate information and get the most out of your school surveys.

  • Set a goal: Before creating a survey, you have to determine what information you would like to get and why. You can add the right survey questions only after setting a goal. For example, if you’d like to collect detailed information, open-ended questions should be your choice. And choice fields will be a better alternative if you look for comparable data and point-based results.
  • Offer anonymity: Sometimes, students can hesitate to give their honest opinion if their identity is open to the instructor or school administration. In order to collect more accurate data, you can remove personal questions or leave them optional in your free student surveys.
  • Get information from parents: In addition to students or teachers, parents are also a great source of information and can provide useful data for increasing class engagement. With a survey tool, like, you can easily modify your form for parents or create a new one for them.
  • Learn about their habits and health: One of the most important pieces of information you can collect about your students is their habits, hobbies, and health issues. This type of information will tell you what you shouldn’t do in class, as well as how to get their attention. If you know your students like a game or a specific sport, you can support your teaching with some examples related to them. 


It is crystal clear that student or educational satisfaction surveys provide all kinds of useful information for schools. This way, you also show that you listen to your students, hear their voices, and value them overall. By using, a powerful survey creator, you can create on-point surveys without any coding. You will also have access to free survey templates and create your forms and surveys in minutes. Here are three education form templates to get started. Select the most suitable template for you and give it a try now!