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Employee Exit Interview Form Template

As a company, you’d benefit from learning the thoughts of employees who leave the job. You can see your shortcomings and might keep a valuable employee from leaving. So it’s important for hr departments to conduct exit interviews. Start easily with our online employee exit interview form template.

Employee Exit Interview Form Template


What is an employee exit interview?

An exit interview is used by human relations departments to ask questions and learn from employees who decided to resign. It’s a great way to receive honest feedback since the employee is already wanting to leave and feeling more comfortable. Thus, it’s a unique opportunity for the company. You can learn what the employees feel and might be able to retain talented employees from leaving if it’s something you are able to fix. Employee exit interview forms also help with maintaining good relationships with the employees if they go through with their decision. It might make them feel heard and their opinion holds value. 

Employee exit interviews are carried out and evaluated by human relations departments. Interview questions may include;

  • Information about the employee
  • Information on employee’s position and job
  • Reason of resignation
  • Whether they were satisfied with career goals
  • Views on the work environment
  • Feedback on the tools available
  • Suggestions for improvement

Having a standard employee exit interview form will make your organization make most of the leaving employees. Such an opportunity to get honest criticism is hard. So these interview forms must include many questions. This will help you identify more potential problems within your organization. 

Why should you use an online employee exit interview form?

Most companies have an employee exit interview form. Having one available at hand is important. As you create your HR form, you will carefully craft it with all the necessary questions. And the standardized questions will come in handy. All the employees that want to leave will answer similar questions. Such information is more than useful. The benefits of having a form are;

  1. Helps you cover most topics: Chances are you’ll forget about some topics. If you thoughtfully create your interview form, most topics of importance will be covered. Since you can use this form on each employee it will give you the best results.
  2. Gives you an opportunity to analyze better: has the tools you need to keep track of all of the forms submitted. You’ll find it easy to analyze and evaluate. The Statistics tab is for your friend.
  3. Guides the employee: Left to their own means, an employee might talk about topics that are unrelated and end up missing some topics that are of importance. Having this interview in this kind of format will guide them through questions.

How to create an online employee exit interview form using

Our app is a great tool to create and manage forms. We have lots of features that you can use to create amazing employment forms. If you’d like to just start creating a form, you can just go on and use this employee exit interview form template. However, should you find this form is not enough for you, it’s alright. You can easily build upon our template! With, you can;

  • Modify and add fields
  • Set conditions for your questions
  • Add checkboxes
  • Image content
  • Selection matrixes

And many more…

How to design your employee exit interview form?

If you find our employee exit interview form template lacking in style after you’re done with questions you can go to the design tab. Here you can customize the looks of your form. You can choose one of the themes that we provide. Our set of tools are great for styling your form, you can even add a custom background that might have your company logo for example. Still, we include CSS. You can get creative and make a brilliant-looking form!

At the ‘settings’ tab, you can add a welcome and a thank you page. You can give information about the form on the welcome page, and thank you're leaving employees for their contributions.

Evaluating forms with

After you put your employee exit interview form to use, it’s time to evaluate submissions. Human relations departments know better, of course, but we can be helpful with that part too. In the ‘Results’ tab, we have statistics. You can see the answers given to the questions. This way you can see patterns within answers easily. We keep all the answers. If you’d like to, you can download them too. Or you can integrate it to another program by Zapier. Jump right into it by using our free online employee exit interview form template!

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