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Panduan langsung tentang cara menggunakan dan memanfaatkannya sebaik mungkin.

Selection Matrix

A selection matrix is the best field you can use for surveys, evaluations, and many other form types. Simply add a selection matrix to your form to collect feedback in a simple manner.

What is a selection matrix, and why use it?

If you search for a way to collect feedback ad learn people’s opinions in a straightforward and easy way, then using a selection matrix is the solution you are looking for. Once you have it to your form, people will fill your survey or form much faster and easier.

What does a selection matrix offer?

After choosing the selection matrix and adding it to your form, you will have a number of options. It will take only a few clicks to:

  • Add or remove rows in your selection matrix
  • Allow single or multiple answers for the topics/side rows
  • Make it required for submission
  • Upload an image or a video to collect feedback about it

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