The best features to use for creating more customized online forms

May 18, 2022 4 min read
The best features to use for creating more customized online forms Team

Creating online forms with form builders is quite easy. There are tons of templates and form fields that can be helpful. Creating a more customized form, however, might be confusing to people who don’t know-how. There are great features and customization options available for our users to create a form that they envisioned. Plus, it is so easy for everyone on!

Customization of your online form

Forms made with an online form builder are amazing most of the time. They provide their users with the necessary tools to make forms for many situations. Through their features, users can make their forms quickly and with ease. Our app is among the best online form builders.

Most people who need a quick solution might use Google Forms since it perhaps is the most popular online form builder. We, in, know our many strengths compared to Google Forms since specializes in forms only, one of which is customization options

What does customization bring to the table?

First of all,’s basic features are more than enough to create a functional form. By using a form template you can create a beautiful form that is sufficient. However, if you want your form to look a certain way, there are countless options available for you. Customization opportunities aren’t just about looks either, you can use some features to improve the quality of your forms. Some of the customization benefits are:

  • A more professional look
  • Themes of your business
  • More submissions
  • Better data management
  • Notifications
  • Organized submissions
  • Automated messages based on answers
  • Seamlessly tailored forms for every visitor

All of the above can come in handy depending on your intentions. You can use custom fields and designs not only to appeal to the eyes but also for practical purposes. 

How to make custom forms using

Customizing a form for the first time might be challenging, not because of the complexity, but because of a lack of ideas. After all, if one does not do such a thing often it's not something that just comes about. So, let’s run you through a customization process! Let’s say you want to create a product survey form, what features should you be using? Best start from the beginning.

When in doubt, use a template

If you want to, you can just start creating your form from scratch. However, we have a great number of templates for many kinds of forms. Here, we are going to start by using a product feedback survey template. Our product in question will be

Add form fields to your liking

There are already quite a few useful fields, but we can add more. We want specific feedback on the product, so we add fields for contact information along with a selection for customers to pick what kind of product they chose. Don’t forget that you can tweak each field.

Use conditions effectively

Since a free user won’t be able to give opinions on if they’d purchase a paid plan, we will use the conditional logic feature to hide that field if ‘free’ is chosen. It can easily be done under the “Conditions” tab.

Check the “Settings” tab for anything of use

Settings tab has useful things such as notification settings that might allow you to send automated emails for submitters, integrations, and welcome&thank-you pages.

Use the calculator for a scoring system

We have a calculator feature that can be useful in more than one way. Sure it's great for quizzes, but you can use a point system to show related messages to your customers on the thank you page. We will determine points for applicable fields and then write a message that will be seen by the customers depending on their experience.

Move on to the “Design” tab

Now, since our form is done, it's time to make it beautiful. Click on the ‘Design’ tab. You’ll see a menu in which you can choose a theme. There are even animated themes! On the other side, there are more customization options such as color, shapes, and the background. We will change some colors and add a background image, a cool bird. Don’t forget about CSS if you have the knowledge!

You can always mess around to see more customization options. After you get satisfied with what you have, it’s time to put your beautiful form to use. Share your form however you’d like. We are going to make this form public, so you can check it out if you want!

Customization is easy and fun with

Creating a great form with great visuals is not hard at all since you are provided with everything you’ll need. Start customizing your form with editing features, and countless design options!