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Online Quiz

Do you need a template for an online test? is ready to help you. There are many other quiz template options available to you, including templates for personality quizzes, career quizzes, historical quizzes, and more. You just need to add your own questions, make any necessary text and graphic edits, and share your quiz!

Online Quiz


What are the advantages of making an online quiz?

There are several perks involved with creating an online quiz template. One advantage of using a quiz maker to create online quizzes is that you may utilize different questions based on your needs (e.g., multiple-choice questions). This means you have more alternatives when it comes to selecting the sort of questions that will be included in your quiz so that it completely meets your demands!

Another advantage is that quiz takers may take quizzes from anywhere at any time because they are not required to be physically present at the venue where they will be taking them (e.g., school). This implies that if someone wants assistance studying or practicing anything new, they can easily access all of their knowledge using an app on their phone or other device and begin taking the test immediately!

How to use this online quiz template

This free quiz template has been designed to be used as a testing students’ knowledge of different subject areas. It is ideal for teachers that want to create quizzes on their computer or laptop and then distribute them via email or online. The layouts includes different sections, each one containing a set of features that have been carefully drafted by our team of experts and approved by teachers from all over the world!

  1. Click on the “Use Template” button
  2. Add your own questions
  3. Customize the quiz design
  4. Share your quiz with your audience
  5. Get you quiz results in seconds

If you would like to create a quiz for friends or your audience, you can easily do so by using a quiz maker application like Making your own quiz will require only a few steps, and you can easily do it in minutes. Plus, provides a great library of free quiz templates to get you started. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Choose an online quiz template or create a blank form
  3. Add your own questions and answers
  4. Use’s calculator feature to show scores on your online quizzes
  5. Design your online tests and add images to make them more engagement
  6. That’s it, now, share your free quizzes and track the results in real-time

Yes, you can easily create quizzes by installing on your Android, iOS, or Huwai phones. has a user-friendly mobile application that allows you to create an online quiz with the same options on a PC. So, you can easily create interactive quizzes anywhere with an internet connection and at any time you want.

Quizzes are a good learning experience for students, adults, and children alike. It helps quiz takers with memory retention and recall processes. As an online quiz maker, offers you great features to make amazing and informative quizzes. Almost any feature can be tried and tested, even on the free version. Here are some of the powerful features of

  • Calculator: It is possible to assign points to the correct answers and show quiz takers their overall score
  • Plentiful quiz question types: has many form fields from picture selection to multiple choices and allows users to create colorful forms in minutes.
  • More than 500+ free form templates: You have access to a great library of free templates for creating a form on any topic. This helps you create forms and quizzes much faster and easier.
  • Great integration options: Instead of doing a job manually, users can set up an integration to automate it and relax. Plus, offers direct integration with established platforms, such as Google SheetsMS ExcelDiscord, and many more
  • Conditional logic: It helps you show or hide some questions based on your quiz takers’ answers. Conditional logic lets you get the exact information you want without boring your respondents with unnecessary questions.
  • Sharing form records & statistics: In addition to real-time data collection, you have the option to share the data you have collected in real-time. If you are running a contest or be more transparent as a quiz owner, you can easily share form responses on