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Customer feedback bears vital importance for a business to survive and improve. Most companies are aware of this but somehow they are having a hard time while collecting customer feedback and develop something around it. It is not so hard to predict the reason. They simply do not ask for feedback or when they ask, they make it hard for the customers to express themselves.

How to create decent customer feedback forms on

On, an online customer feedback form template is available on free plan like the rest of the templates. It is very simple to create a feedback form, design it according to your need for feedback data from your customers and receive a huge amount of data in a short time. And just like we do with every other template on, we do not only give you a fish but also teach you how to fish. You wonder how? Take a look at the tips below about creating and customizing the customer feedback form that fits best for your business!

1. Leave People Plenty of Space

Leave People Plenty of Space - The form page should not be complicated and should appeal to the respondents’ eyes. A messy form scares people away from filling a form as it looks time-consuming.

2. Do Not Make Any Field Compulsory to Answer

Make it as easy as possible for the respondents to deliver even a small amount of feedback. If the respondent does not want to answer only one question you do not him/her to leave the form without completing it.

3. Keep It Short and Simple

If you put a 5-page long customer feedback form in front of the eyes of your customers, they will surely run away from answering those exaggerated numbers of questions. It is recommended that the ideal length for a customer feedback survey is 3-3.5 minutes. The more it lasts, the more the likelihood of the customer abandoning the survey or just stop paying attention.


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