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Event Planning Form Template

Take your event planning process to another level

Event planning forms are a type of online form that can be used for determining the number of the attendants for an event, receiving the attendants’ requests and relevant information about them. It is also possible to modify the event planning forms by clicking some preference options and dragging & dropping. At the same time, this template is completely free and available on the free plan just like every other template on!

Customize your event planning form template

Organize a great event with the event planning form template on You can start by giving basic information about the event like its name, contact information, the type of event, the number of places available for the guests and the theme. Afterward, you can customize your form according to the event’s type. It is easily possible to add a wide range of form fields without having any coding skills. In order to make it more appealing to the respondents’ eyes, it is possible to customize the theme too.

Publish easily

Share your event planning form on your website with the help of’s simple embedding options. Also, you can share it as a link via email or on a social media page. Thanks to the constantly developing user-interface of, similar to the other forms, event planning forms on are developing in terms of being mobile-friendly. So, it is possible to let your respondents fill these forms on any device and increase your response rates.


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