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Start receiving donations online in a fast and easy way without knowing or working on any coding system.

Start using’s uniquely customizable donation form template

Online donation form template on allows its users to create a donation form that is pre-prepared and customizable through its even the smallest detail according to the users’ needs. Whether you are a charity or a non-profit organization, you need a platform where you can put forward your intentions and seek a donation. Start using’s uniquely customizable donation form template today and increase the pledge amount you receive.

Customize your donation form according to your needs’s online donation form is modifiable according to the type of form you are looking for receiving the donations you are looking for. You can configure your form by multiplying the number of fields or moving them. Also, you can set a Thank you message that will be delivered to your respondents after their donations are received.

Publish your donation form wherever you would like to

Sharing your donation form with your potential donors will not be a troublesome experience anymore. You can embed’s online donation form on your website by simply copying and pasting it on your website code. You can also share your donation form over social media with a copy-paste effort. Since all the templates we present you on are mobile-friendly, your donors can fill your form no matter where they are and what they are doing at that moment.


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