Free QR Menu

Touch-free Qr Code Menus for Hotels, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants

The QR Menu is one of many solutions that can provide. Save time and money while providing your customers with a virus and bacteria-free alternative to paper menus.

Scan or Click on the QR Code to See the Menu Template

Make Your Customers Feel Safe

We know that your customers' health and safety has always been a top priority for you. Let them feel that. They don’t have to touch classic paper or plastic menus. They can just read the QR Code with their phone and see the Menu with pictures, prices and other details you want to showthem. They don’t need to download an application.

Save Time and Money

Printing new menus cost time and money. Even when you want to make a little change in price, recipe or just a picture you have to do it all again. However, when you use, you print the QR Code of the menu form once and put on the table. You never need to change the QR Code. Instead, you login to and make necessary changes on the digital menu in a few minutes. Menu they see when QR code scanned will be updated immediately.

Fast And Easy

Digitizing your menu is very easy and fast. You can do it yourself by following a few simple steps. Login to and create a form with a title such as Menu, then print the QR Code of this form. For example, here are the 2 ways of creating your QR Menu.


Create a form that has Image Content fields and upload pictures of your menu. This way is ideal for you if your menu doesn’t change often. Your digital menu will be ready in a few minutes.


Create a form that has a Product Basket field. You can add, edit or delete a product any time easily. Product Basket field has Categories (vegan, vegetarian etc.), Options (cooked well, medium, rare etc.) and Basic Stock Management features.

Hit 2 Birds with 1 Stone

You can also add other fields to make your digital menu serve as a Feedback Form or an Order Form.

QR Code is not the only option to share your Menu

Each form created with has a QR Code (click the share button to create the QR code of the form). However, you can share the same digital menu with your customers also on your website, facebook, twitter, whatsapp or by email.