Sell online without a website

Start getting sales orders and collecting payment in a few minutes. Creating sales order forms is easy, fast and free of charge with


Collect payment with

All you need to do is to connect your PayPal account to your Sales Order Form with a few clicks.



Just click 'Create Form' button and enter title of the form.

Add Fields.

Add fields for info that you need to get from your customers like name, delivery address etc. and Product Basket to the form.

Add Products.

Put pictures and prices of your products in the Product Basket field. Select currency and define amount unit like piece, kg, meter etc. If a product has multiple options, add options such as colors or sizes.

Collect Payment.

If you want your customers to pay online when they place an order, just add Payment field to the form and enter your PayPal account details.

Share the Form.

When your Sales Order Form is ready to fill in, you can share it with your customers on your instagram, facebook or twitter accounts. You can place it on your website or attach to an email, too. Moreover, you can share its QR Code or 'friendly URL'. has much more to offer you. is not just a form builder for Application Form, Survey, Online Sales Order, Contact Us, Feedback Form etc. It's a platform with unique features.
You don't need a website to be present on internet.

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