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A business always needs to know more about its competitors, market trends, and its own positioning in the market among the competitors. Conducting market research on a regular basis and collecting data for a better strategic market plan involves market research surveys. And the most importantly, whether or not your products or services would be appreciated by your target audience become considerably obvious after such surveys. For this reason, create your market research survey with's free template right away!

How to create a market research survey?

How to create a market research survey?

Creating a survey on is a few clicks away as you can start with the free survey templates and customize it according to your needs within just minutes. After that, it is all up to you how to distribute your survey and collect data of any size.

Benefits of using for your next market research survey

  • The most inclusive free plan in terms of response limits

  • All features are available on free plan

  • Survey related fields such as star-rating, opinion scale, grid, and selection matrix

  • Beautiful theme customization options

  • Integrations with +500 applications via Zapier

Benefits of using for your next market research survey

Optimised surveys has many qualified features to create advanced surveys and collect responses instantly. There are many question types that are ideal for surveys such as star rating, opinion scale, picture selection, selection matrix, and many more! It is also easy to create smart forms with conditional logic so that you can collect good quality data with accurate answers from relevant people.

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