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Lead Generation Form Template

splash Lead Generation Form Template

What is a lead generation form?

Lead generation form is a type of form that you can use to collect customer information and generate leads for your business. You can either create one and distribute it to your trusted channels or embed into your landing page so that you can generate leads from your campaigns.

How to create a lead generation form on

How to create a lead generation form on

You can create your own form to generate leads within just a couple of minutes by starting with our ready-made template and customizing its fields and design with the most easy-to-use form builder user-interface. As has an intuitive user-interface and enables its users to create & customize forms within seconds, you will never need to put on hours of work into creating beautiful forms.

Landing-page friendly forms

As well as sharing your form URL directly with your trusted lead generation channels, you can also embed it into your next campaign’s landing page and make it compatible in terms of design by customizing your form’s design elements to the tiniest detail.

Landing-page friendly forms

Integrate your forms with CRMs and other applications

Integrating your form with CRMs such as Pipedrive, Salesforce or Infusionsoft is a big plus for using You can integrate your form with one of over 500 applications via Zapier and automatically create a deal, person or even update them upon new submissions.

Integrate your forms with CRMs and other applications


Create a question form on your mobile phone in a minute.


Share the form via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or Email.


See responses and statistics instantly.