’s Geolocation Restriction For Form Submissions

Avoid Receiving Submissions From Non-Targeted Parts Of The World!’s geolocation restriction feature for form submissions makes it a lot easier to distribute your forms and surveys to the parts of the World from where you would like to receive submissions allowing you to attain the data of high quality you are searching for!

Create a form, customize it and receive form submissions from the targeted parts of the World with’s unique geolocation-based restriction feature for form submissions. Also, it is available on the free plan just like every other feature of!

How To Restrict Form Submissions To A Particular Area Of The World?

On, it is possible to restrict your form submissions to a particular area of the World even specifying a base location radius in kilometers. Activating this feature for your forms and using it in your favor is also a simple job thanks to easy-to-use user interface.

You simply need to:

  1. Create your form or survey

  2. Switch to the form settings tab

  3. Scroll down to the last option which is “Location Settings”

  4. Enable your location settings

  5. Choose where your form will be based with only a small dragging and dropping effort

  6. Lastly, determine in a radius of how many kilometers you form will be available to be submitted

What Happens If People Out Of The Stated Location Tries To Fill The Form?

As a matter of fact, the answer is quite simple; they can not. With the help of’s unprecedented algorithm, you can completely restrict your forms to a particular area of the World allowing only people in that area to fill your forms or surveys. When people out of the specified location opens your form he or she faces two reactions from

These are:

  • An information box on top of the screen which says “You are not in the location specified to fill this form.”

  • The form submission button does not become active even though all the form fields are completely filled. Thus, the ones who are out of the specified location can not click the submit button.

For Whom This Feature Is An Ideal Solution?

People who would like to restrict their form submissions to a specific area can easily use this unique feature. However, some certain groups of users which are:


That Would like to conduct surveys or collect data from their inhabitants with forms

Public survey companies

That are in search of conducting 3S elements survey which are receiving specific data from a specific group of people living in a specific area.

Any organization or company

That intends to collect data from its customers or employees in a specific city or area.

What Problems Are Solved With This Feature?

  • With’s geolocation based restriction feature for form submissions, many problems of people that use form builders, from data quality to conducting special surveys in a specific area, will be solved.

  • People receive data of better quality by preventing submissions from unwanted areas

  • Carrying out small-scale surveys in small towns and cities gets easier

Do not forget that restricting your form submissions to a specific area is only available on!


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