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What is a contact form?

A contact form is basically a way for your website visitors to reach you directly via your website without being forced to switch to their email or phone. On so many websites, contact forms are used for various purposes – for customer questions, requests, and advice.

Create simple contact forms

Create simple contact forms

If you have a web developer working in your workplace or you have some coding skills you can code your own contact form and integrate it into your website. However, if you haven’t these possibilities you can use one of’s unique form templates – Contact Us Form Templates. With this, you can create a contact us form online and completely free. Also, it is a lot easier to create your contact us form on and embed it on your website instead of coding your own contact form yourself.

How to create a contact form?

To create a contact us form on, kindly follow these steps:

  1. Design your own contact form with existing information fields or just use the contact form template available

  2. Switch to the share page and select embedding option

  3. Make size adjustments for your contact form to fit your website splendidly

  4. Click the “COPY CODE” button and paste the code into the page’s HTML where you want it to appear

How to create a contact form?

Essential elements for a contact form

Creating an online contact form is easy as we said earlier. However, there are some indispensable points that you should include in your contact forms. These are:

  • Inquiry categories in order to let users know why and for what they can get in touch

  • Open text field so that the users can express themselves in their own words if they feel any necessity

  • Alternative contact information for people to get in touch with you such as e-mail or telephone – just in case

  • Make sure your contact form is compatible with mobile and responsive

Essential elements for a contact form


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