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Consent Form Template

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What is a consent form?

A consent form is basically a document that summarizes an individual’s informed consent for a medical study, activity, medical operation, business agreement, or parental advisory. For instance, if you are a dentist, you can ask for consent from your patients for procedures that you will be applying.

Consent form examples

Consent form examples

There are many types of consent forms that can be created and used on These are all can be created on once you get started with our generic consent form template. You can jumpstart with’s templates and customize your questions in any way you like.

How to create your own form to collect consents?

  • Define the permission you need - decide on what type of consent do you need and design your form texts according to this.

  • Create your own form - create a form to collect consents and customize questions, your form design elements.

  • Collect consents - Share form with your clients or anyone by using unique URLs to your form.

How to create your own form to collect consents?

Manage consents

After you collect consents through your forms, you can monitor them under the records section of each form. You can also integrate these submissions into different applications via Zapier and manage your consent submissions.

Manage consents


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