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Cake Order Form Template

Using’s online cake order form template, you can quickly create your own order form, list your products and start selling your delicious cakes at no extra cost!

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How to create a cake order form?

You can click on the “USE TEMPLATE” button and get started without losing time. Once you create your own order form, you can customize its fields, add product photos, insert prices, and also manage your stocks too! Plus, you can customize your form’s design according to your brand colors and make everything perfectly fit to your needs.

Manage your sales in results page

Manage your sales in results page

Having collected too many orders, now you may need to manage your sales. You can either monitor your sales on the form results page, sorting by date, payment type etc. or integrate your order form with a CRM and create a deal automatically every time an order is placed.

Collect payment online for your sales

Insert a payment field to your order form, connect with Stripe or PayPal, and redirect your customers to payment upon placing an order. You can also offer them an option to pay cash at the door.

* will not charge you any fee for any payment collected!

Collect payment online for your sales


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