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Hire faster and smoother with’s outstanding job application form template.

Now it is so much easier to operate your hiring process with the free online job application form that is available on’s unique template repertoire. And it is available on free plan – just like all the other features on!

Say farewell to the unread CVs and cover letters in your inbox. Say hello to easier and well-organized hiring processes with’s job application form template. Ask for the applicants’ personal information, the intention of applying and receive the CVs or Cover Letters in whichever document format you would like to get. Yes – that’s right. You can ask them to deliver those documents as PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT or PPTX! You can enable or disable any of these document formats through the menu of the file uploading field.

Impress Your Applicants

Impress Your Applicants

You need to put the idea of being a decent company into your candidates’ head at least as much as they need to show you that they are the one who fits for the job opening.’s online job application form is completely customizable. You can bluster your form however you would like to and design the job application form which is exclusively for you. In this way, you will be able to impress your applicants.

What needs to be on your perfect online job application form?

The length of your job application form is up to you – it can be either short and engaging or bigger and compelling. But, there are some fundamental fields that you should include in your online job application form:

  • Applicant’s full name

  • His/her job title at the moment

  • His/her work experience and companies that he/she worked for before

  • Applicant’s full address

  • A brief introduction of the job description

  • A field for the applicant to upload his/her CV, Cover Letter or similar documents

After these, it is on you to ask whatever information you would like to know about the applicant – his/her years of experience working, education, etc.

What needs to be on your perfect online job application form?

How to glamourize your online job application form?

Better forms bring more good quality of applicants. So, do not waste more time and take a look at some tips we have prepared for you to optimize your job application form:

Make sure that the form is engaging and pushing the respondent to the finish line as you need to do while preparing all the forms and surveys.

  • Present people alternatives – ask for their professional profiles like LinkedIn.

  • Guide them while they are filling the form – give place to small descriptions under your questions.

  • Do not bore your future employees even before they start working – keep it short and simple so they do not fall asleep halfway through the form.

  • Ask for more personalized pieces of information like the applicants’ hobbies and leisure time activities.

How to glamourize your online job application form?


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