List and sell your products online easily

Create a form with a product basket form field, list your products, and start selling right away

Whether you own an Instagram boutique or a renowned brand, you can create an order placement or an e-Commerce form on and sell your products fastly and securely. Thanks to the different payment options such as Stripe and PayPal, you can integrate your forms with these payment processors, and collect payments in a secure way for both you and your customers.

List your products and customize

You can add pictures, stock information, set prices for each product or service. Let’s say you’re selling different clothes, you can categorize your products under the categories you determine and add different size options with different prices.

Embed your product basket forms into your website

Creating an e-Commerce website is much more expensive and compelling compared to creating a typical one. Integrating those old fashioned virtual POS and putting many products in order is mostly time-consuming. However, there’s no need for this with’s brilliant product basket feature. Once you create a product basket form on and embed it into your website, you will no longer need these processes.

Receive payments instantly

Receiving payments through fast and secure payment integrations such as Stripe and PayPal is a big advantage. You don’t need to spend time and resources for integrating virtual POS with this feature. It takes only a few clicks to add a payment field right after your product basket, connect your Stripe or PayPal accounts and start collecting payments for the products you sell.